The marketplace is changing. Now more than ever, you have to show buyers what you bring to the table and how you add value. How do you set yourself apart and provide something different, something that no one else does? In a rapidly evolving landscape, how do you leverage new technology for a successful marketing program? 

90% of home buyers are aged 35 and younger, which means that millennials are a key niche for agents to target. These first-time home buyers are used to using new technology and are comfortable doing their own research prior to any agent outreach, so it’s important to stand out by leveraging newer technology for a successful marketing program. Across all these channels, property marketing has shifted and is more dynamic than ever. You can see from these stats below that dynamic visual content generates 403% more inquiries from real estate listings; 49% more qualified leads come in from 3D tours.

  • 90% of home buyers are aged 35 and younger -
  • 403% more inquiries from real estate listings  with dynamic visual content - inman
  • 49% more qualified leads come from 3D tours -