Jade Ferguson

Managing partner

ENFJ (Protagonist)

1. Futuristic 2. Significance 3. Focus 4. Belief 5. Activator

Jade is a big dreamer. One of her favorite things is to sit and listen to other people’s dreams. One of her biggest dreams is to able empower people and help them on their journey to reaching their highest potential so that their dreams become their reality.


James Thorne


ESTJ (Executive)

1. Responsibility 2. Includer 3. Positivity 4. Strategic 5. Belief

James Thorne is a filmmaker, an editor, a designer, a manager, a leader, a creator... a Jedi Master of the Arts. He believes in empowering others and in creating a strong team that builds upon each member’s best abilities. He believes in deriving inspiration from different people and different sources in order to live out his motto – help people make effective change. He is a true Texan and lives in the heart of Fort Worth with his wife and two sons. 


Eric Ewing

Creative director

ENTJ-A (Commander)

1. Strategic 2. Analytical 3. Adaptability 4. Futuristic 5. Communication

Eric Ewing is a photographer, designer, videographer and overall creative. He loves teaching and helping others grow in their gifts and talents. He loves being a part of a team and seeing the impact that a group of people can achieve as they work together. Born and raised in Fort Worth, the greatest city of all America, Eric has been married to his wife Jessica since 2015.